jeudi, janvier 11, 2007

Vixen (Jumper Lace) - Live Sérignac 1988 (Bootleg)

Voici un témoignage live de JUMPER LACE à l'époque où ils s'appelaient encore VIXEN.
Son: audience, correct.

Many thanks to coen ;-)

01 Photos de Naguère
02 Quand J' Avais 5 Ans
03 Duel
04 Martyr de Latex
05 After Me the Deluge
06 Ass of Lace
07 Welcome to the Prince
08 Les Cendres de Sodome
09 Christian King
10 Cristal Speed
11 Wild Lover (cut)

3 commentaires:

Coen a dit…

Glad to see you received the dvd! I hope you'll post the other stuff too!


sergey a dit…

Hi French heavy metal! Greetings from Russia. I love french hard-rock and heavy metal (Ocean, Trust, Sortilege, Karoline, Silvertrain...). I'm looking for Trust's albums a long time.
Please help me!
Good luck.
Sergey from Russia

Antigod a dit…

merci beaucoup, great stuff here and u rock! \m/