samedi, février 25, 2006

Steel Angel - ...and the angels were made of steel (1985)

Here is Steel Angel's first LP, that is a masterpiece in 80's Heavy Metal.

Voici le premier album de Steel Angel, tout simplement un des chef d'oeuvres du Metal des années 80. Absolument indispensable!

01 The Law
02 And The Angels Were Made Of Steel
03 Knights Of The War
04 Midnight
05 Power And Action
06 Warrior
07 For The Metal
08 Judas (Angel Or Demon)


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Anonyme a dit…

This is one of my favourite bands. Beautiful melody heavy metal and great LP...

jb a dit…

Hey there, nice blog you have here. "For the Metal" is quite the anthem.

Anonyme a dit…

Yes man, and the show in Vitrolles 1986 (as guests for Sultan's Seed) was great. Merci Thanos qui conduisait les jeunes headbangers nîmois dans son automobile (était-ce une 4L ? je ne me souviens plus...).

Anonyme a dit…

First I feel lucky to have "discover" your blog, and then this band...
What a band!
The melodies, the vocals... i think this one, and the second album as well, are the albums i enjoyed most in the last months.
Thanks a lot my friend and greetings from Argentina!

Blogger a dit…

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